Well, I’ve written yesterday, but lost my text somewhere?????????????
Got to get used to this blogging thing.


5 min elliptical (warm up)
Lying leg curls 4 sets~7 reps (50.5)
Sitting leg curls 4 sets~8 reps (50.5)
Stiff leg dead lifts 4 sets~10 reps (24)
Mashine glut kicks 4 sets~8 reps (70)
Glut mashine 4 sets~8reps (70.10)

Total 50 min in the gym

Well, I’d like to post some pictures of what I eat, but it’s not very inspirational, so hopefully I will start my new (Paleo) diet on Sunday and then talk about some inspirational healthy food.


And again no pictures, however I was really stylish :))

In the evening I had my usual wine and cheese, which I’m going to give up for my diet… meanwhile, just enjoying them.