Must confess that I do not have a specific routine. Bad. I’m kind of looking for it (still), even though I have been working out for 8 month and heavy lifting for 6. But as you can see from the pictures there is some progress in my arm area 🙂

I do shoulders, chest and biceps at home (mainly). For the rest I go to the gym.

Standing mmilitary press 4 sets~7reps (5kg bar is not included)
Upright barbell row 4 sets~8 reps (5 kg bar is not included)
Standing lateral raise 4 sets~8 reps (3kg each)
Front dumbbell raise 4 sets~8 reps (3kg)

Oh, and the only supplement I use is Xtend during my workouts.
That’s it. No protein powders and other stuff bodybuilders use.

I realise that if I want muscle, I have to eat a lot.
That what’s bothering me…