I have no idea if anyone’s reading the stuff I put out there.
But if there is, I must be honest.
I had suffered from anorexia, overeating and bulimia.
It has been only more that 6 months that I have started to change my attitude towards food, body image and myself.
It’s very hard to know who you truly are while having any type of ED. Because then life isn’t about you, it’s about the food. You’re so lost that you don’t know how to love, laugh, live and enjoy things that are out there. All you think is food, and more food – what to eat, how not to eat, how much to eat – counting, measuring, loosing it, overeating, purging – every minute, every second of your life…
It’s so sad!
I had no life, because of this.
I had no idea who am I.
I had no friends.
I had pushed away my parents, all my boyfriends and everyone who came across with suggestions about having some fun in life.
Because my fun was food.
Now I understand that deeper problems were lying under all those food thoughts. Probably too painful to dig into them…
But one day I did.
Now I’m still in recovery. I hope to be brave enough to continue on this painful topic and reveal how my life has changed since I faced my demons and learned how to laugh.