I love fashion.
Every month I buy at least six fashion magazines. I feed on them.

Well I’m done.
As a recovering anorexic and bulimic I find no good looking at the models that reflect unrealistic standard against which I can’t feel good about myself. 

I see how today millions of women possess a negative body image, or at the very least, body dissatisfaction. Sadly, our society is highly focused on physical perfection.
And though this perfection may offer variables such as hair and eye color, skin color, and even height, one area that affords precious little latitude is size.
The models, actresses and celebrities – those considered to be the ‘beautiful’ people – are so thin, if not down-right skinny. And these are everywhere: showcased regularly on entertainment shows, pictured larger-than-life on the movie screen, and featured on the pages of trendy magazines.
Here’s where the problem comes in: we are barraged with these images every single day. So much so, that women begin to feel that being skinny is the norm that everyone should reflect. But unfortunately, they don’t.
And of course there’s always a new diet on the market to help and us easily achieve that much sought-after weight loss…
So I’m done with the magazines.
The look is only one part of who am I.

Please, do not mind the background. We had a huge fire couple of weeks ago, so our house is in rebuilding process.

We are meant to be different and unique.

It is the inside, not the outside that truly matters.