Yesterday morning I had a plan:

1. To workout
2. To buy some boxes for my winter clothes which occupy all my closet and my summer ones just all over the place
3. To arrange my closet
4. To go to the movies

So went to the gym.


5 min elliptical (warm up)
Lying leg curls 4 sets~8 reps (50.5)
Sitting leg curls 4 sets~8 reps (50.5)
Stiff leg dead lifts 4 sets~10 reps (24)
Bulgarian Split Squats 3 sets~8 reps (10 kg)
Machine glute kicks 4 sets~8 reps (70)

After I had a snack

and went shopping for some boxes for my winter clothes…

And I lost it…
I spent the whole day at the mall… mainly window shopping.

When I got home I was beat.

So my closet is still a mess.

I was too lazy to drive to the movies.

Just hang out with the boy and some of this.

God, I hate, when I do not accomplish something I plan.