I’m not gaining weight.
I do not want to write my weight right now, because the number scares me. I have muscle. I’m skinny but quite ripped. My veins are popping out (even in my thighs area) however I’m still at my lowest.

What’s wrong with me not eating enough to gain???

In my recovery I tried to eat intuitively. I have always been into IF approach even not knowing what the hell was that. So I was usually not hungry until about 1 pm, than I was going for eggs and nuts and meat and cottage cheese – all good stuff. I was eating until full. And during my eating window (8 hours or so) I had about 6 meals. Apparently not enough.

I guess eating disorders mess up natural hunger signals, and it can take years after recovery for them to return.
I came to the conclusion that I need a structured eating plan and counting calories.

Following a meal plan now does not mean that I will never be able to eat intuitively I hope  one day I  will be back in touch with my body to enough of an extent that I will be able to forget about calories or exchanges and eat intuitively.

Breakfast/Snack at 11 am.