I’ve been busy lately, because I have a new kitchen!
Well, not quite, but the main things have been done and I can enjoy my coffee in here…

I love love love my home. I mean I love spending time at home. I love it clean, organised and stylish. I put a lot of effort to have that, however my boy is quite messy and at times it’s just frustrating how things in my home are not my way. I have accepted him not being perfect in this area, so we do not argue about it any more. Boys are boys.
So I’ve been arranging my new cupboards and cabinets. Somehow my old plates, cups and bowls do not fit into my new kitchen. I want something new and fresh, however I can’t afford it.

My diet has been ok. By ok I mean still not 100% primal, but close. I’m still enjoying dairy and diet coke (this one has to go!!!!!!). Next week I’m going to Austria for a week and I guess I will have to adapt my diet to the food choices the hotels will offer. Therefore I’m not pushing myself on this – just enjoying my life.

Today I had a breakfast. At 7 am. I was just hungry. Usually I only eat at 12-1 pm.
Tilapia with some greens and home made mayo (and then I had seconds on the fish)

A snack.

I did my WORKOUT
Chest/shoulders and biceps

And lunch.

Back to arranging my kitchen, I wonder has anyone loves their home as much as I do?