So I happen to be living with a Bodybuilder for two years now.
My BF has been serious about weight lifting for more than ten years so he knows what he does. Yes, his dedication and enthusiasm lead me to weight lifting, though he had never pushed or forced me into this. So that’s a plus.
But the best thing for (ex) Bulimic living with a Bodybuilder is food.
We eat healthy.
No junk food is found in our house.
We are happy.
We don’t have sugar, flour or bread.
We eat vegetables, fruit, protein (chicken, fish and some beef) eggs, cottage cheese, plain yogurt, nuts, protein powders, healthy oils and drink wine.
Ok, I don’t do fruit (I likely to binge on it), protein powder (it’s just not a food for me), and I try to stay away from dairy.
Isn’t it cool? There is no place for my eating disorder in my house!!!

As for tonight we fed on chicken and tomatoes and the wine.

That’s my portion 🙂

I wonder, what’s your match?