.Today I’m falling in love with food. How it all started you may read in Part One And now for the part two.As I have mentioned I realized I had never loved what I ate. Nothing I had been consuming felt like gusto, joy, or pleasure.

I tried to imagine what my life would be like if I let myself eat with passion. If I felt entitled, no matter what I’d weighed, to eat with gusto.

So I gave in and tried.

Subsequently, I had discovered that foods I loved — as well as those I didn’t — truly do give me pleasure, and there’s no price tag attached. And that’s how it should be. I mean, why not be astonished by the crisp taste of an apple or revel in the smooth texture of an olive? Since I need to eat to live, why let one moment of joy — even one — pass me by?

I’ve never met anyone who has ever lost weight — and kept it off — by deprivation.

We are sensory, pleasure-loving beings. It is not just calories that fill us up, but the joy we take from eating them.

Today I’m falling in love with every bite I take. And every time it’s exciting, because every time it’s a date and every time I’m more and more thrilled about it.

Dress up, ladies; sit straight, light up a candle, put on some music and LOVE your food


How do you love your food?