Yesterday I’d covered one of the worst things my body had to go through during recovery – weight gain. I just want to clear things out.1) it’s common to gain weigh after stopping B/P.

2) however most exbulimics lose weight when they start to treat their bodies properly.

3) I had gain so much because I was underweight.

4) I still eat probably more than I need to because I want to gain – in order to look healthy.

The other issue that I had to deal with was BLOATING

Note: it’s normal and temporary.

Early in my recovery I felt that I wasn’t digesting anything. I felt like food was accumulating in my stomach and filling me to the point of pooping or purging. I thought I had lost my ability to digesting food.

Ten B/P days free. I can barely see my eyes…

But what was actually happening to me was a serious case of bulimia recovery bloat. It was severe for the first month of recovery. I felt 5 months pregnant. My face looked all swollen. Gradually after the first month it began to subside. And after a couple of weeks it was all gone.

No doubt that recovery bloat is hard to tolerate, but it’s not unbearable.

Purging kills the healthy bacteria in our tummies, which are essential for digestion. When this bacteria is scarce food sits in our tummies and ferments. This causes bloating tummy pain and wind. To help to restore this bacteria you can take probiotic pills or healthy digestion enzymes.

Anyway I pushed though. And I would never want to go through that again. So there’s no looking back.

Bloating is temporary, recovery is forever.

Short term discomfort for long happy life.

Bloated does not mean fat – it means recovering!