Today while shopping for some sushi ingredients I had a small chat with the shop girl and she said that she and her colleague liked me and called me “the sushivogue girl” because I always bought the sushi ingredients and some kind of fashion magazine.
“You’re very skinny” one of them said.
It sounded divine. I fell in love with that girl at that very moment. I wanted her to be my friend and my family forever… my old bulimic self wanted to go on and chat about how healthy I eat in order to stay so slim…
But the real me had replied: “I had an eating disorder.”
Here I’d said it to a complete stranger whom I wanted to be my friend just a few seconds ago. Now she supposed to freak out and think that I am a mutant of some kind. But SHE SMILED and said:
“Hope you are getting better”
And I smiled back “Oh, yes, I AM!”

I left the shop calm and content. And I will go back there – that’s something I could have never done just a year ago – feeling shame and discomfort about others knowing my dishonorable secret.
It was so easy to say it to some strangers. It’s kind of easy to blog about it but I still can’t confess to people I love. I don’t even want to… and this is tearing me apart…
So tonight was a Sushi/Vogue night:
I ate these
and enjoyed them with some of this.
Do/did your love ones know about your problems? How do/did you approach them?