I admit I eat a very limited diet. I eat a lot of protein and fat. I limit my carbs. If I don’t I’ll binge. If I binge I’ll go crazy and I may purge… this is the worst and I want what’s best for me – there fore I eat SAFE. I can eat rice, but only a few tomatoes, I can have all green vegetables I want, but fruit is a big no no. If I crave sweet things I have my nuts – they are fat and carbs – they are my friends, however I keep them in small bags and never ever buy in bulk even though it’s much cheaper.

I’m happy with my diet but of course sometimes I get bored. So today for my first meal a-ka snack I decided to have one of my BF food bars:

He always encourages me to have them, because they are good, healthy and are prefect for the post workout snack. I examined the label: all natural made from nuts, seeds and dried berries and all natural agave syrup (!!!) but on the whole – all healthy.
So I consumed one.

And it was good. I could really taste nuts and berries, but it was soooooo sweet. After five minutes I craved the other one BIG TIME! I was ready to kill someone to have that bar.

No wonder – I am addicted to sugar so in my case, anything sweet is a drug, and I absolutely get out of control when I have it.
Thus instead of that delicious creation (I’ll never have again) I ate my usual – eggs.

My blood sugar stabilized and I could go one with my deeds.
Is there anything healthy that causes you cravings?