Yesterday I and my boy had attended our friends’ baby christening. There were lots of food, fun, laughter and children. All of our friends have kids, hoards, and hoards of kids. Which is just awesome for them, and I am not envious one bit.

I must have been injected with a vaccine for baby-fever because kids aren’t in my cards. Yet.

I’ve never really wanted kids since I was little and everyone always said “You’ll change your mind one day.”
Well, I’m 34, my BF is 35 and he feels the same way. I have had people tell me I am selfish for not wanting a child.
It pushes my buttons, this little old baby topic. I am not naive enough to say never, god knows what I’ll think tomorrow, let alone years from now. It drives me nuts that people my age assume all women want children.

Apparently not all of us do.

I hate the sad, pitying looks I get from people when I express this view, and the “Life is SO much better” line.

Plus there is that big looming question out there: “What will you do when your 50 and regret NOT having a kid?!”
Well, the fact of the matter is I don’t know what I’ll do as I can’t predict what my feelings will be in 12 years. Can you?

What’s your take on children? Please answer that.