I’m having some awfully busy weeks lately.
I have no time for anything. Yesterday I canceled my nail appointment!!! I have never done it even in my worst bulimia days. There: I have it – issues with the time management. Any suggestions on that?..
Besides; this whole week was about going or not going to Africa in a week… I had my arguments, but I couldn’t convince my BF to cancel the trip. Why? Remember my “Bikini Fear
I think never feeling “pretty enough” is something I have struggled with my whole life. When my eating disorder became my escape, I started blaming my feelings of inadequacy on my imperfect body. Now I am really seeing how much not feeling good enough has impacted my life in all areas and it doesn’t have anything to do with my body, no matter how much (even to this day) I want to believe that it does.
It’s so senseless to allow my insecurities to take over right now.
I’m sooooo much better 🙂

However I’m going. We are going. Sandy beaches; the Red sea here I come

So despite my idiotic thoughts and the lack of time I’m preparing for my Sushi Vogue Night. This is ready
I just need to go grab The magazine J and I’m all set!
How do you operate your time?