Today I wore black. I love this color. Other than, black makes me look skinny. Today, once again I was asked about having an eating disorder: Anorexia! I said “No! I’m an ex-bulimic. I’m in recovery” The curious person “You can’t be. You are too skinny for bulimic”
Why do people make such strong assumptions about other people? This is particularly annoying when you do not know someone. Take for example, an individual who is naturally skinny. There are just those skinny people in society. People who eat shitloads and they have no muscle mass and they’re boney and skinny. Why people judge about eating disorders based on appearance. Nothing is further from reality here except maybe what your ED head may be telling you. There are fat anorexics and there are skinny bulimics. There are binge eaters who never become overweight. THEY ALL STILL SUFFER NONE THE LESS. Also it seems other people (with active eating disorders) will walk by a skinny girl and then starve for a day. I was doing it. I promise. Now I eat a lot, by it I mean way more than 2000 calories per day, some days even WAY WAY WAY more. I am gaining weight – mostly muscle, because I lift weight and I lift heavy. I’m no way anorexic. I’m just lean. So why do others care so much? Why behind every skinny girl there should be an eating disorder? Isn’t it selfish, or self-centered?
Come on, people, separate yourself from your disordered mind and get on with life.
Also, today I made the most delicious chicken. I know my vegan friends will not approve, but damn, I like the bird. So there is a picture of my creation: chicken, zucchini and paprika – scrumptious!
So, what do you think about skinny people? Do you suspect them to have an ED of any kind?