I‘m back.
God, I feel great. Yet, I feel awful as well…
Almost two weeks I did absolutely nothing:
Enjoyed warmth and sun, swam in the sea, lounged by the pool, reading books.
Did some shopping.
Went to the dessert.
Spend some time in the yacht.
Rode a camel.
Drank lots of free wine.
And I ATE.
And I ate good and I ate crap. Lots of it. Every time I entered any type of restaurant I promised myself to be cool… sometimes I managed just to enjoy food, but usually I felt guilty having any of it.
And I have gained weight. I try to avoid the scale like a plague (we had one in our hotel room) but my jeans tell me – I’ve gained some fat… that’s frustrating…
I haven’t eaten today.
I try to escape that after-holiday depression, but at the moment I fell so sad; I have no idea how to go back to being myself…
And I miss my blog FRIENDS!!!!!!!!