So last Tuesday I woke up in the middle of the night with lower right ab pain that was excruciating. After several tests in the er, I was wheeled into surgery 5 pm weds, had laparoscopic appendectomy and due to my “so low body fat” (as I was told) I had to stay in the hospital for 4 days. After the procedure I’ve only had ice chips. When I was finally able to eat, I was given full sugar jello, yogurt, soda and a couple of other high carb items – unacceptable!!!!!!
I was shaking consuming those; however I followed the doctor’s orders.
Since I had returned home I’m still on the after appendectomy diet:
I’m having lots of those
Can’t complain, they taste good.

Homemade chicken broth.
As well as yogurt and cottage cheese even though I quit dairy quite a while
 and for todays’ special tuna salad with spinach, mustard and olive oil.
I hope to be able to return to myusual diet very soon as well as to the gym.
And, God,  I miss my wine…
Have you ever had to go on a diet due to some health issues or operations?
How did you feel?