I have been experiencing some sad things recently. Yesterday I was thinking that perhaps everything in my life up the point when I’ve started my recovery had been horrible. Nothing ever went the way I wanted it to go. I have just never gotten a break. Self-pity and feelings of helplessness were self-indulgent and exemplified how I had been consumed only with myself and completely ignored the pain and suffering going on around me. I honestly believed that I’m the only one suffering in this world.

Those feelings of self-pity were and sometimes still are damaging my spirit and my future. Big time!

If I look closer, most people are to some extent in some kind of pain. It is the media and our society as a whole that sets us up to feel badly about ourselves. We are conditioned to desire better clothes, better cars, better jobs, better bodies. It’s all more, better, faster, thinner. Even if a person has most of everything anyone could want, there surely is something else that’s missing.

I surly know this pain and depression well.

But that’s not life. It’s hell.

I should be the happiest woman in the world. I have enough! Despite those bad moments, which are temporary.

And of course I’m dreaming of more. But not obsessing over it. I have LIFE. And I should celebrate it.

Yesterday I’ve feasted on some divine wine.

Do you sometimes experience feelings of self-pity? How do you deal with them?