I was seriously considering a total boycott of Christmas this year. It wasn’t because I don’t love the people in my life. I just hate having to put a price tag on that love or hoping that my gifts will be received instead of rejected. The whole affair nauseates me. Christmas would be much better without that gift giving tradition.

Anyway it’s all over now and I am left with some of the most amazing gifts ever. BF is never wrong with gifting me. Ever.

This year among the other wonderful gifts I got this book.

Coco Chanel: The Legend and the Life by Justine Picardie

Coco Chanel, is my life’s muse and inspiration.

It’s an interesting read, beautifully illustrated and informative without being exhaustive. It intrigued me to read that Coco Chanel’s favorite novel was `Wuthering Heights’, and that the austerity of the convent was a major influence on her design.

I appreciated the photos and Chanel’s quotes in this book.

What can be better: some coffee and some time with Coco?

Not only was she brilliant in the design icons she created, Chanel was one extraordinary lady who still inspires me daily. Merci Coco!

Do you have a muse in your life? Or does anyone inspire you daily?