Once upon a time the girl who have been binging and purging up to 7 times a day have had it. She decided to quit bulimia for good. The only concern was that she couldn’t quit food.

She was afraid to eat, because all she wanted was to be slim…

OK, that was me.

I knew that life without bulimia would be better, but I postponed my recovery for quite a long time, because I was afraid that once I stop purging and allow myself to eat I would get fat and nobody would love the fat me.

Guess what? WRONG!!!

I did not get fat. Yes, I have gained weight, but it was water/muscle/food in my stomach weight.

Look at me: the sexy teacher. Ha-ha.

I am loved just the way I am.

I still have a weird relationship with food. But it improves every day. I eat way more than 2000 calories per day and just a month ago I was afraid to eat fruit, because I thought that once I start, the binge is inevitable. Wrong. Now I can enjoy a couple of clementines and I am done.

I start to believe that after all I may have it all… amazing isn’t it?

Do you believe that you may too?

OK, off to the gym.