I’m still in doubt what my blog is about and what it should be?

On one hand I’m an ED survivor. I’m on my journey and things happen to go smoothly in this area. No major triggers, issues or challenges to talk about.

However bulimia, recovery, food issues and body image aren’t things that define me. I’m so much more. I have passions. And because they are so uncommon to each other I’d like to dedicate a little internet space to each.

So there goes my passion for fashion and particularly for Chanel.

You can always count on Chanel for timeless elegance; whether it’s the 2.55 bag, the tweed jacket or the little black dress, they know endless style. But it’s another of their iconic pieces that’s making headlines. The Little Black Jacket is a new book centered around that timeless jacket.

This fashion collaboration between Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitveld features 113 celebrities and fashion peeps all wearing the jacket in their own unique style.

Just a couple of the wonderful pictures. The rest are on thelittleblackjacket.chanel.com

Awesome isn’t it?

Tell me about one of your passions.