Last week, Vogue declared that it will no longer knowledgeably use models who are under the age of 16 or who look like they have eating disorders. I want to believe that it’s true, but my skeptical side has some serious doubts.

If the fashion world is outlining what an eating disorder LOOKS LOKE, I wonder how different the models strutting down the runway will look. Unless the lens of the fashion world has plastic surgery, correcting their long-held distortions and dysmorphia, I question how corrective this measure can actually be. WHO and WHAT measure will set the distinction between what defines unhealthy for magazine standards? I highly doubt they will be pulling out the DSM to see the critieria of anorexia nervosa.

To their credit, I do applaud Vogue for putting Scarlett Johansson and Adele on recent covers. They also get points for at least being thoughtful enough to say that they will “structure mentor programs” to help endorse their new “Health is Beauty” concept.

If Vogue follows through and this is not just hype, then this could have huge implications for influencing what impressionable girls, adolescents, and young women strive for. Moreover, it has the potential to change the visual, social, and emotional landscape for what one defines as beautiful and successful.

Any thoughts on this?