Hi, I’m Greta and I have celiac.

When I was just 12, I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance. Back then it was not impossible to do any tests on the latter (twenty years later I was confirmed of having celiac), however after visiting hundreds of doctors one spoke the complete sense and provided me with phenomenon cure. So I have been gluten free since June 1989 and I will forever refer to the doctor who diagnosed me as gluten intolerant as “miracle doc.” After my whole childhood of ill health, to be given this news with an expectation of complete recovery WAS a miracle!


Being quite young I clearly understood that some of the symptoms I’d had that were caused by gluten: diarrhea, constipation, endometriosis, frequent tonsillitis, ear infections, headaches, depression, and anemia. I thought about so many other symptoms and illnesses and how they’d played out time and time again over the years. Back then, everything I’d been through made sense, perfect sense. And, it was such a relief to have answers.


From those answers, I moved into a phase of questions, such as: Are any of my favorite foods gluten free? Can I eat mainstream products without a fear of cross contamination? Can I live without the cereals I crave? Will I ever be able to eat comfortably with my friends again? Will my headache go away? Will I be able to visit the restroom like a “normal” person?

And, then slowly, but surely, I entered the phase of answers and realized that often the answers were positive ones, YES answers, if you will. YES, many, many of my favorite foods are gluten free; YES, there are some mainstream products I can eat without a fear of cross contamination; YES, I can live without those cereals and I will no longer crave them; YES, I can often eat comfortably with my friends once I am educated and am willing to educate them; YES, the headaches goes away!!; and YES, I can go to the restroom like a “normal” person—the restroom is no longer the room you live in! LOL and Hallelujah! Who knew that life could be so good?

However eating gluten free … meat, seafood, fruit, and vegetables and most dairy, did not stop me from developing bulimia. Therefore I want to point out that living gluten free is constantly portrayed as a nightmare and an impossible thing to do. Well I happen to binge and purge being gluten free so this thing is damn easy.

Also the gluten-free diet is also portrayed as very costly and inherently carbohydrate intensive. It does not have to be. If one wants or needs to go gluten free, it’s just a matter of changing ones mindset and considers eating real food for the most part. And most REAL food IS naturally gluten free.

I hope you are enjoying your Real Meals too.