Last night’s dinner!

OMG! Amazing! I could have that 24/7! But I would be broke then! And it’s all primal diet which I had been following in my body and mind healing for quite long.

This amazing Mellisa’s story on Marks Daily Apple is a proof that DIET is important in one’s recovery.

I am Primal. Well, yes I’m celiac too, so my everyday diet is quite paleo/primal. But it’s still different from being just gluten free. I don’t eat any processed gluten free stuff our shops are filled with. I mostly I consume package free things and I try it to be organic. So I just want to say that, despite ED being in my head, the diet DOES HELP TOO; to be happier, healthier and more peaceful. EDs are not only mental diseases, they’re our addictions. So living healthy, living clean and clearing one’s mind and the body is huge. So step it up! Go Primal!

Does any particular change in your diet help you in your healing process?