So, my lovely crazy readers, sorry to call you that, but despite the struggles that attract you to my nonsense writing I imagine you being so much FUN in life. I believe that only fun and laughter at our disordered world carry us through all the struggles and keep us alive.

Thank YOU for all the questions. If you do not mind I’ll answer some of them in a separate post; while others require a bit of longer writing to do.

Thus, my dearest Kath asked “Why do you think you don’t have anything that is worth telling / writing about / sharing in whatever way?”

The reason why I have been writing this blog is because I needed a coping mechanism! Engaging into blogging (reading and writing) has truly prevented from some of the binges.  As well as I hoped that some of my posts may be of help to some people; especially to those whose ED has presented in a similar manner to the way that I experienced the illness. Furthermore, I have made contact with others via the internet who were also in recovery, learning some things I was missing in mine.

As to the future of my blog… I am not sure how long I will keep it. Writing is not my strong point!  I am A READER! I don’t want to make a living writing blog posts.  I believe that blog should be engaging with real content that people want to read.  And posting should be on a regular basis so you’re not forgotten or dropped from reader lists.  I don’t read blogs where all they post about is their latest Etsy listings as well.  

But I want to show up and post when I feel I have something I’m excited about, that others will find exciting. If my mojo is gone for a month, I may not post for a month (or more).  I don’t want to stress over coming up with regular, engaging blog content.  I don’t want it to consume all my energy and resources.

Like I said, my goal is not to make my blog popular.  

These are the things I am struggling with right now.  I’d love to hear “real people’s” opinions on blogging.  

What kind of blogs do you read?  

Do you feel the blog builds important relationships?

Do you forget about bloggers who don’t post a few times a week?  

 I’d love to get some input on this.

One blogger’s down. 😀 😀 😀