I can’t seem to escape my true passion for fashion! Remember my other posts here and here? I do not have nor had any intentions of becoming a fashion guru, model or stylist (yet I once I had a quite successful career being one) It’s just some silly thing I enjoy. Today I’ve stumbled upon some amazing Vogue Paris covers at The Fashion Spot forums and decided to share.

Inez & Vinoodh, Mert & Marcus, Mario Testino, Steven Klein, David Sims … The names of famous fashion photographers that can be found on almost every magazine cover these days! Also they are better known for advertising campaigns such as the latest Chanel handbag promotion. However, have you ever thought how the fashion photography looked like fifty years ago? You’ve probably heard of the great master known as Irving Penn, but hardly had time to hear the names of Horst P Horst, Robert Doisneau, Robert Randall, Henry Clarke, David Bailey. Yet, it is this group of talents usually created the prestigious Vogue Paris covers the 60s and 70s. I was amazingly surprised to find out of how the pictured fashion garments have become history and classic image details and was fascinated by the beauty models and photographers’ works.

1937 December

1951 December – January

1951 June

1953 July – August 1953 December – January


1955 October

1962 September

1963 September 1965 September 1967 May 1973 February 1978 March 1983 December – January Do you have any passions? Or hobbies?

What’s your favorite Vogue Paris cover?

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