Sorry for whining so much here, it’s even getting boring.

I’m good.

I’m at normal weight.
I do not restrict/over exercise.
I don’t b/p or have any wish doing that.
I still want to lose weight BUT I don’t act upon it.
So am I AMAZING or what? (Hihihi)

Still I want more!

My top priority and ultimate goal is to be healthy and WHOLE. I want to be my own woman, free from clutches, protection, and imprisonment of my eating disorder. To achieve this, I have to heal and grow from within.

My challenge is to be in recovery in this world as it is.

Yes I’m weird. I eat weird. Look at my recent food plates. But I eat enough. I exercise enough. And I love life more than ever!

I’m good! But I’ll be better! Promise 😉

Would you please share at least one of your small aims?