Recovery is possible.

It’s not a guarantee. It’s a possibility.

It’s not simple. It is difficult and sometimes seems impossible.

It’s not a one-step process. It’s a multi-step process complete with twists and turns and bending roads…and roads I didn’t even know were there.

It’s not the same for everyone.

It’s not always a happy process. It’s not always a sad process.

It IS empowering.

It’s not about pleasing other people. It is not about them.

It’s about ME.

It’s not about perfection. It IS about emotion. It IS about honesty. It IS about self-discovery and self-affirmation.

It’s not about what I don’t have. It’s about using what I’ve got.

It’s not about hiding. It’s about finding and displaying.

It’s not a quick-fix. It’s a lifelong plan set into motion by truth and nurturing and self-love.

It’s not about external factors or environment. It IS about what’s within.

It is not crazy. It IS real.

Recovery is possible.