This morning I’ve received a lovely message from Meg:

I hope you binged, bitch! And I hope you’ll get fat!


Where does this hatred come from?

Are you envious of my recovery?

Why do I make you feel that way?

Do you read my blog secretly hoping I’ll slip? Fail? Crash? Burn?

Well, yesterday I almost did. I had a tough day. I had a fight with my BF. I stayed home instead of going to dinner with him and our friends. I just build up a castle of anxiety around me and my exhausted mind chose food fantasies as the primarily escape method.

No I did not binge, nor purged. I had a bigger snack than I had planned to: some rose wine, strawberries, melon, cheese and grapes.

Waited for my man and apologized.

I did my best, and hopefully I won’t get fat.

Please don’t hate me for trying, for recovering, for sharing my story. I’m sorry if I make you despise me. Please don’t read here. Go away, Meg.

My fellow blogger friends, do you receive anonymous messages too? How do you deal with it?