Once upon a time there lived in a lot of angels on Earth. Angels were noble and always helped people. They taught them to light a fire, laugh, play and swim in the ocean, grow beautiful flowers and gardens. They cradle people’s children and told them tales of beautiful distant lands. Those stories contented people’s pain and palmed their hearts. Angels were always nearby armed with a warm word, comfort, and small miracles. As they were angels.

They are now living among us, and they appear at the most difficult times. They seem to come from nowhere, look into our eyes, smile to us and help to carry our burdens and overcome the fears. And then they disappear without the notice.

This post steams from this comment section:

I was really fascinated by how much one has to overcome to experience that freedom we’re all here strive to. For me some things seemed beyond the possible so I thought “you must have angels to carry you through your burdens. Otherwise it seems impossible to stay human.”

To witch my wonderful Fiona has replied “Oh Greta, you are so lovely, you ARE an angel”. I felt so touched by this at the same time wanting to scream: NO! You Are!

All of you, who come, READ, support, share, advice, encourage, smile, laugh, and CARE! Who write blogs I read but never comment, who comment and disappear leaving me missing you so much.

YOU ARE MY ANGELS, GIRLS! Each and every one! I love you Angels. I treasure you deeply.

I started blogging after having a huge relapse last summer. It helped me heal. Your words, encouragement and support have carried me through difficult times and still do. Every day. Every minute. Those are miraculous acts. Angelic deeds. Thank You!

You probably have noticed your angels too. If not, look closely! You can’t say that there are no angels! That they are made up. Maybe you just don’t recall or even know their faces? Remember once you almost fell, but didn’t or left the turned on stove at home and then something tug your hand to go back. Or when it was so difficult and a completely unknown person gave you a rose … just for happiness … Or a story or a post you’ve read one rainy day on the net and laughed or cried of elation…

So what I’m here about? A! The angels! Thus, once there lived a lot of angels on Earth…

Image: photobooth.com