A petite and elegantly dressed woman runs along the busy Milan’s street. The photographers’ flashes follow her but the next day the news headlines aren’t shining with her name. She appears on Street style shots and fashion blogs daily, but the comments usually aim just for her looks.

However, those who are able to recognize this stylish Italian in the humongous Milan or Paris events’ mess became her fans forever.  Aurora Sansone, a fashion editor and stylist for Vogue Nippon (a Japanese version of Vogue) usually stays in a shadow of her boss and friend Anna Dello Russo during the fashion weeks. Which is so unfortunate!

A. Dello Russo is a magnet for both journalists, photographers and bloggers. Vogue Nippon’s kernel called Anna, and Aurora as well as assistant stylist Viviane Volpicellos trio for many years are decorating the Milan’s fashion weeks, charming with a unique style for every woman. A. Dello Russo wears mostly just off the catwalk displays of interesting models, Viviana has a very great love for color, and Aurora is minimalist wearing masculine wardrobe fittings.

For me Aurora shines the most!

I love her wearing flats and sandals! A lot! Even during the fashion weeks! I love sandals!

I love her shopping at Zara. Which I adore!

She’s Vogue, yet she’s one of us!

I fell that maybe such post may feel unneeded in the recovery from the Eds blog. Seeing underweight women is not a healthy tool for healing. I’m sharing myself here with you. The things that distract me from my dark thoughts and builds a foundation to embrace the world as it is.

And I have questions!

Do fashion posts irritate and are unwelcome in a recovery blog?

Do you prefer heels or flats?

How often do you wear heels?

Images: TFS