Last Sunday, sitting at my porch with my cats and coffee, I had put down some thoughts flying at the back of my mind lately.

Pressed Publish.

Went on with my life.

Later that day I found some nice comments from my blogging girlfriends and the note about my post being on Fresh Published page later that day.

Fresh Published?! What a hell was that? You know, I’m like the dumbest blogger ever!

And the next day my blog exploded!

It is incredible to be noticed for something you do with an enthusiasm.

But I’m truly just an ordinary girl. I’m ashamed to admit that I have never considered blogging as something serious, you know. Internet is colossal, but LIFE is so much more. Gosh, English is not even my native language.

I only have the 15 years’ experience of living with an eating disorder and a year of recovering from it. Also I bear a long way ahead to become completely sober of its chaos. Therefore I don’t know any ultimate answers to many things.

I deal with my life the best I can and share it with the others.

Seeing so much more people following my blog is a blessing but I confess it is scary too.

I can’t promise that I will write something good as you probably expect. I can only try my best.  I know that I will absolutely let some of you down so I will now apologize in advance. There’s something about trying to live up to your own prospects that’s always going to end poorly, so I’ll make it easy for all of us and…not.

Meanwhile I want to THANK ALL OF YOU! I love people. I would hug each and every. And I would cry. As I frequently do while reading people’s commentaries, fears, delights and sorrows. Or give you high fives for charring me up!

So while I’m wrapping my mind on a “proper” post, I just wanted to ask you to drop a line for me here. As a “dumbest” blogger I just recently found The Stats page as well. (I know I know – I’m slow!) And the most amazing thing was the Views by Country in there. I mean, I’m intelligent (not in the blog sphere, as you notice) but there were at least two countries I had to Google!!!

Where you from, people?

Come on Lithuanians; drop a line for me too!;)