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The gorgeous, appealing and so mistaken fruit.  😦

But I understand them!

I’ve always been the ugly one too. Too fat!

At my highest 66kg (145.2lb) Thank you dear America, you’ve fed me well.

And at my lowest 45kg (99lb)

Come on I’m 178cm (5’9 feet)!

I’ve always hated my thighs – two huge pieces of fatty ham; and my butt – two wide pieces of wimpish globe.

Hell, speaking of my appearance – I hated myself on the whole! I realize that the hatred, the silly thoughts that fixing the appearance would fix my life – were caused by deeper problems and issues that I had no aspiration and power to resolve. But at the time I honestly believed that I’m unhappy, because I’m hideous. And if I weren’t that fat and unattractive – I’d be well and contented.

Recovery’s in process! And I’m learning to love me – my thighs and a bit rounded butt. But I confess: the process is not going too pleasantly or too well. And I often have to remind myself: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder 😉

My question how do you feel about your appearance? Any body parts you (used to) despise the most?