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Just letting you know that I’m not dying, binging and purging or doing any “wannados” from my previous post.  How can I with that back up of Yours? THANK YOU, so much for your support. You are the best therapy group ever!So where am I at? This print my friend posted on her facebook wall says it all – I’m lot better, I should say. Well, I needed some privacy to rethink things – the blogging – which suddenly became a desolate place to be and on the whole my priorities in life – where blogging isn’t one of them. And then I’ve got my family, friends, a job (yay!), the pile of amazing books on my nightstand, the gym and even intense yoga studies in September. Life!

I am finding the need to rest and catch my breath.  The two months of almost daily blogging have changed me. Changed me in ways I am thankful for even though I can’t explain just yet exactly what those changes are as I am just making sense of it as I contemplate all that this journey reveals to me.

So before my schedule picks up again, I have been leisurely enjoying a getaway to my old self with regular mornings of blogging and reading favorite blogs on my beautiful porch each day, trips to indulge in a cup or two of coffee and time with inspiring people who are oh so genuine and lovely. To crispy fruit filled dessert cups, warm blankets that take the edge off the summer chill and time to wander to see that entire summer ending is to offer, I do wish you a lovely weekend. Thank you very so much for reading. Until next time, bonjour.Love You,