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With a few flowers in my garden, half a dozen pictures and some books, I live without envy.

Lope de Vega.

I just love this quote.

Being so caught up in the rush and clutter of modern life, everyday wars with my ed, I tend to forget to delight in the day-to-day simple pleasures in life.

Sometimes an abundance of “stuff” is simply too much.  Life is about moments, memories, and finding more of these moments of pleasure and happiness in the simplest daily celebrations.

Thinking about events, moments, or things I consider simple, yet at the same time bringing an overwhelming amount of pleasure – a few immediately come to mind.

  • Fresh Flowers The farmer’s markets in the area are amazing.  One of my favorite findings are the bundles of asters that can be picked up for quite a bargain.  What amazes me each time fresh flowers are brought home is that change in the mood of the decor and the inhabitants.  Something oh so simple, yet full of pleasure.
  • Coffee to Bed To wake up without an alarm clock and then to be quickly told not to get out of bed because coffee will be served shortly – heaven!
  • A Sudden Kiss 

Just adore suddenly being swept off my feet and kissed by my man. Oh, the butterflies!

  • Four–legged Friends Recently several of my favorite bloggers began to experience joys the pets bring into our lives.  Check out Sable’s and Roxy’s treasures. Also I’m very sorry for Nataly’s loss that reminded me of how those precious little buddies are our daily mementos as to how easily life can be enjoyed if only we would stop fussing and fretting.  Who else can we depend on without fail to come home to and be greeted with so much enthusiasm you would have thought the queen was coming to visit?  And happiness, just take your pup on a walk, and they’ve found nirvana.  Too many times we make it more difficult than it needs to be when it comes to searching for happiness. Most certainly something to think about.
  • Blankets, Books and Goodies Cuddling up with books, magazines or a worth-while news article, accompanied with a cozy blanket and something sweet to nibble on  – my definition of a lazy and pleasurable day.
  • Afternoon Tea An opportunity to meet with a friend,  leisurely conversation, hot tea and treats as well  – the Duchess of Bedford — one of Queen Victoria’s Ladies in Waiting – definitely came up with a grand idea to overcome the “sinking feeling” one often feels in the late afternoon.

Oh, how I can’t wait to bask in one of these pleasures soon.

So what are your simple pleasures? I can’t wait to hear!