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Happy weekend, huns. Today was my last day at work. Today I moved back to my old apartment just for some time until we’ll solve some issues with my bf. Just love my balcony. Today I’ve got an email from Meg I want to share. The world is crazy. Guess it’s old news, but I still love it as it is.

So, ok, I might be not the nicest person on the internet. I may came off in ways to be despised or belittled by someone. But I’m not 12, so some silly emails won’t put me over the edge and I won’t go crazy or to start binging or purging suddenly. However this one from my hater Meg was kind of cruel.

If you continue on reading I must warn you that this entry is extremely triggering!

Thus Meg sent me the following email with the list of all the eating disorders, and which disorders, and subtypes, are considered the “best” and “worst” to have in the eating disorder community (more particularly the pro-ana community, but the overtones of the hierarchy certainly blend over to more acceptance-based communities also). Organized from “best” to “worst”.

Please note: I do NOT believe in this hierarchy, or the notes that follow!! Also I may still suffer from the eating disorder, but I’m in recovery and I haven’t binged or purged over the year, so Meg’s highlighted lines are just stupid.

To be completely honest, I find the results pretty disturbing, albeit still fascinating in a horrifying way.

Meg: “Read this bitch while chewing on your dead meat!

The Eating Disorder Hierarchy





Edited to delete the lunacy of the content.

Love, Meg”

In short, Meg, are you fucking crazy? You’ve ranked me! So what?

I wish there was a word that made me laugh out loud!

It’s pretty sick. And by sick I do NOT mean good. From your letter I understood that you like the other girl’s blog. Please, read it and enjoy. I have enough drama going on in my real life.