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My, dear readers, today was my first day at my new job.

You can congratulate the new stylist of xxxxxxxxxxxxx Lithuania.

I’m coming back to fashion after a break. I was editorial stylist for xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Lithuania four years ago.

Many of my friends who are not into fashion often ask what I do, so shortly I’d describe it as working with professional photographers, finding locations for photo shoots, setting up the lighting and background and hiring models. I’m mainly choosing the clothing, the accessories, and the general “looks” of the models for the shoots. Also I am choosing the right colors for the pictures as well as extra props and scenery that are appropriate to the theme of the magazine layout.

Sounds fun, isn’t it?

Well it is. And I’m very passionate about that, BUT I’m taking a big risk here entering “the land of thin” again.

Staying strong and celebrating with the tray of goodies. Wish me luck 😉