I know there are people who like my blog.

And I love you all back. Unconditionally.

I know there are who don’t like it. They have their reasons and I respect that.

But my real life is more important than my blog.

Therefore the show must end.

Today my new boss received an anonymous mail from somebody about my personality and this blog. Not the kind one. And it’s just two days that I have been employed. The situation is really distressing. I regret announcing what I’ve chosen to do for living here.  I regret I made someone hate me so much and to pay the price like that.

I don’t know what I’ll be doing with my blog.

My boss is ok with it as long as I keep private my occupation and anything considering that. Still, it sucks. And I don’t want to sacrifice my real life to internet life in anyway.

I truly wanted to make it more fun and to post about the days behind the popular magazine scenes. And now I just can’t. Thank you, SOMEONE.

Not to end it on a sad note, some inspiration pictures from today. Yay, Life!

Images via: hisrebekah.tumblr.lillyunique.tumblr,kookdoodle.tumblr.brainyquote