Considering yesterday’s post I Guess, I’m Done

It was not Nicole who wrote the letter to my boss.

Yes I’m sure and I don’t blame her at all. Please stop making assumptions and let her breath.

Well, yesterday afternoon by boss called me to her office and showed the email from (something) it contained details about my ed, my blog and said that I was inappropriate for the given position as I am mean and mentally unstable person and it did contain links to Nicole blog’s posts as “Happy” and “Asylum” and “Analysis of CoffeeAddict”.

My boss just joked that she should have haired me as a writer/reporter instead of a stylist, because she kind of liked what I was writing on the internet. And asked me to follow the rules of the contract we’ve signed – this means absolute confidentiality of my work for the magazine.

I was embarrassed and angry, so firstly I emailed Nicole, though it was not her email, neither her IP number of that anonymous mail. And she was as horrified at this as I and many of you were.

Maybe one of her friends of followers tried to joke like this, but he/she made it worse for both of us.

My apology to Nicole, her friends and family.

My lunch is over. Time to create some beautiful things.

Take care, World.