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There is something so comforting about the arrival of autumn. Something I can’t quite put my finger on because it so fleeting and before I know it the end of a sunny summer’s evening has morphed in to gloomy September afternoon. Basically it comes down to feeling as though the past work weeks were an accomplishment (despite those always challenging moments) and the few coming days off ahead are running wild with freedom to do and be and to see and to experience to my heart’s content. Such autumn days await to be devoured and savored. A gentle evening at home and then a trip away out of town to my parent’s house (my version of the Hamptons here in Lithuania) where jaunts to a chocolatier cafe, the farmer’s market and many other small local shops along the way beckon me to snoop around and simply dawdle about paying no mind to the time. Conversations, homemade meals and walks on country roads with the dogs are also on the menu as I dream about all that this autumn has the potential of bringing.

What do you most look forward to in autumn? Maybe you’re attending a new gym class or enjoying a relaxation weekend at home after a busy long week. Whatever you may be up to, I hope you are well, and I can’t thank you enough for stopping by the simple Coffee Addict’s life. Images via: bhg.com, via:natshermansandguerlain.tumblr, dustjacketattic.com, pixdaus.com, thestwrd.com, flickr.com.