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If anyone still reads my blog, just letting you know I am alive!! What have I been up to? Well, I have no conquered the world…yet, but I did manage to spend a couple of weeks in Paris and Brussels and tomorrow I leave for my two week vocation in Africa (Finally!)

Gosh, it’s all chaos here in my house!

But anyways I want to share some love with you guys. The things that calm me down during those hastening days of the cold October (We’ve got our first snow here this morning!)

I love white porcelain cups, like the ones in mom’s dresser. I love Converse and almond milk in the coffee, now it is the tradition of my hometown rules. I love hotels’ bathrobe: white ones, too long for the arms and the legs, in which you can sleep like in a duvet.

I love the red lipstick applied following the intuition and the perception.

I love the smell of figs and contoured the cheeks with blush.

I love dark chocolate and the smell of fresh bread and the cake shops. And I love wine, of course.

I love the love stories, all of them: whatever is the beginning, whatever is the end.

I love having many pillows on the bed and many flowers in the house.

I love long dresses worn casually with flats.

The broad shoulders of the men, as a way to face this life, not just wrapped in a new linen shirt. And the women showing their back.

I love silk lingerie. I love having breakfast with sunglasses in summer. I love women who are not afraid of expressing Themselves and Their ideas.
I love French songs, even if I do not speak good French.

I love the moon, the full one. I love light people, conscious that “lightness is not superficiality, but gliding over the world from the top, light-heartedly.”

I’m so sorry I’ve abandoned this whole beautiful blog world… I hope you all are well.

Oh, and if there’s some randomness you adore for no particular reason, please share. I love to know You!

Stay safe, Beautiful, and love love love.

Images via: la-la-la-bonne-vie.tumblr, la-la-la-bonne-vie.tumblr,vblikes.tumblr, aphne.tumblr,thecuriousbumblebee.tumblr.