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Fall, warm comforts and decadent whipping cream on top a cup hot coffee . . . It really is here, the chilly evenings, the to-do of picking out your favorite magazines and planning your favorite winter festivities. Count me among those who can’t believe it is time to turn the furnace back on again; however, the good news is that a crackling fire is so much enjoyed these days. Doesn’t it sound Oh So Delightful?

Though it does, a lot of things irritate me lately.  The main one is the lack of planning. I am all about planning, ordering and “to do” lists. I measure my work and even leisure by minutes. I read my favorite books according to the clock. Well, I love it that way.  I do! But lately my planner is being all messed up by lots of unexpected events, meetings and simple exhaustion.

I hate not having time to exercise – I had no workout for 3 weeks!!!!!! And eating whatever…  Feels like blah!

Gosh, people, how do I get myself together?

Maybe I’m just getting old…