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Hi. I’m tucked in under my covers in bed at the moment. I woke up feeling horrible today. Hello fever! Blah..

I hate the feeling when before even opening your eyes you realize that you’re not gonna be able to get out of bed. So not cool! Though I had to go to work just for a couple of hours… and I felt as bad as this picture is (I should stop taking pictures of myself with my phone) The rest of the day was like this:some medicine, some tea and the afternoon in bed.

Thank you all for your amazing thoughts on my last post.

So I’ve made a decision to do the WIAW posts and maybe a post on my workouts once a week to stay accountable.

Life is not to be lived caught up in numbers and schedules. Life is too short to focus on things that don’t really matter aka perfect diet or exercise.  Life is meant to be appreciated and enjoyed.

It may mean eating something “bad” or “too much” more often.

Or continue cheating on my workouts with the book or some coffee in bed.

Who cares?

Like today I have eaten two bowls of chicken soup for dinner.And I’ll be having the third one if I’ll feel like it…

Because life is more than this!

Have a good night, loves.