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“The ballerina!” I’ve replied since I could pronounce the word, usually with a sight of irritation on my big cheek face, as if this question could provide a different answer. Ever.tumblr_kvlm93aAPb1qzsb00o1_500_largeOh, don’t tell me there was no time your answer was the same: to be a dancer?!

Those kids, we were now adults; and that question carries different answers…

Yet, there are days and nights when that desire’s voice is there. Those days and nights when you can wear a skirt of tulle and go back to being that girl who walked on tiptoes barefoot, twirling in front of a mirror. Some powder, a brush of blush, light gray or black top to enhance the contrast between the femininity of tulle…  at times childish and carefree in the folds of the most elegant men’s wear. Paired with a soft turtleneck and a pair of medium heels to be impeccable. With high sandals, a white t-shirt and a blazer for the evening of dancing.

Because after all we are all little dancers, even without those silly fashion tips.

I had to write this post no matter how little in common it may seem to have with eating disorders.

Because sometimes all you need is something small that carries so much love in it. Those childhood memories are precious. I’m thankful, that yet again, fashionable tutus evoke them in me. GonnaBallerina051210-Carrie-3-4002_largeFINALyFALL DATE 032107593878567138774_l11uFoXg_c229542912227765951_T2mk8cR8_c3_years__by_D4D1_large248049891946361828_1AVQy1eO_c189080884326705636_67R3sEO1_ctumblr_m9t04uTM131rs7j0fo1_400224687468879610387_CCS0ywk4_ctumblr_m3tye0HrFX1r7meffo1_400051210-Carrie-7-400tumblr_mdnf2qPhYo1qkpc62o1_1280If you have a moment, please leave a short note to my post’s question: What did/do you want to be?

Images via: tumblr.img, gonnaballerina.tv, style.com, weheartit.com, google.img.