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tumblr_mec5hbDH4c1qbpuyfo1_500_largetumblr_mdwni0cFBq1ruu5hso1_500It’s less than a month to Christmas, which means, if I’m not wrong, that the next thirty days (actually twenty-four) will be spent among traffic jams looking for a parking space and singing All I Want for Christmas Is You, caloric foods (yeah, the cookie season!), things to add in the already full to do list and invitations for aperitifs, parties, dinners and cocktails. The secret to survive this war and reach the 24th in good form is all in the word Organization. Pink-colored drawing pens and a steaming coffee will be the first weapons to fight this battle.

tumblr_mczmdikRa21qcr5izo1_500tumblr_ldfjfjnm0h1qah8wyYes, staying on my eating disorder recovery path during the holidays is huge, but I managed the last two years in a row so it can be done.

However I still do worry about:

being with family for uncomfortable amounts of time

being around triggering food situations

being alone

being crowded

being needed

being neglected

being assumed – taken for granted I will go along with other people’s plans

Do any of these situations apply to you too? Do you fear anything up coming holidays?

I hope to let go of artificial and culturally imposed standards of celebrating and make my holidays simply joyful. Anyhow!tumblr_mdt1zwOHUv1qa3sufo1_5001353716563847423When I’m flooded by feelings associated with any above described situations my awareness of what is possible for a genuine happy holiday blocks and eating disorder messages and behaviors look like comforting solutions and escape routes.


No way I’m doing those.

My modest plan for the next weeks is this:

1) Write a list of the people I’ll have to give something to. Now. Not tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. But now.

2) Yay to the power of the Internet! Buying Christmas gifts while sipping a cup of American coffee with a storm outside is such a great idea.

3) Drink green tea instead of wine from today till the Christmas Eve: I’ll have time for champagne during the holidays and my waist will thank me forever.

4) Start taking care of my body: a scrub per week ( L’Occitane‘s is absolutely AMAZING!) And a lot of body butter!

5) Decorate my house with caution. Remember it is not an Ikea store!

6) Start creating holiday outfits: no jeans, it’s time to wear high heels, ultra-glamorous mini dresses and a huge quantity of red.

7) A massage each week is not bad at all, especially for Christmas.

8) Indulge in local street markets: during the holiday they are carry that a special atmosphere of happiness.

9) Put an earmuff in my Christmas wish list.

10) And Breathe!

My loves, I wish you to give in the chaos, lights, music, tastes of December. tumblr_ldppc1h3G01qc7klto1_500257550290885021755IuoBk4Xctumblr_mdsl2ckgdF1rys503o1_250135342065528979tumblr_mck9woPKWv1rbllmfo1_r1_500

tumblr_lus97x1Gij1qg7uoao1_500After all, Christmas is the best celebration ever!

And if you are a member of the Haters Club, do not worry… It is just once a year!


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