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My every morning begins with a long hot shower, a cup of coffee with a dash of cinnamon in it. A peek at Wordpess and a U2 song. With a cloudy sky and the taste of a bitter winter’s air. With the desire to wear my comfy sweater and Converse to work and the temptation to take my book with me to enjoy the last chapter of that love story.SONY DSC

Well, I still have the weekends for that.

And there are mornings you can spot me at the gym. Pushing and pulling. Sweating. Cursing.  Smiling. Heavy.

I got my start in lifting weights in 2007, when I first met my boyfriend. At the time I was working as the stylist in a fashion magazine and had not been in a gym since high school. Once we stepped foot in the gym and he got me lifting heavy I knew I was hooked!!

A girl with a sparkling clutch. A pair of Louboutins and an episode of Gossip Girl or the Sex & The City for dinner. Where did heavy lifting fit into that?

Well, it did. It still does and I love it!

It’s amazing seeing how powerful my body is.  And my main motivation is seeing that I am really able to break obstacles and to go much further than I thought I could.

So here you go, I’m sharing the weekly routine of my workouts:

Tuesday: Back/Biceps

Pull ups 4 sets of 4 (unassisted)

Lat Pull Downs 3 sets of 8-10

One armed dumbbell rows 3 sets of 8-10

Seated rows 3 sets of 8-10

Bicep curls 3 sets of 8-10

Hammer curls 3 sets of 8-10

Thursday: Chest/Shoulder/Triceps

Bench press 3 sets of 8-10

Dips 3 sets of 8 (unassisted)

Shoulder press 3 sets of 8-10

Pec deck flyes 3 sets of 8-10

Chest press 3 sets of 8-10

skull crushers 3 sets of 8-10

Saturday: Legs

Squats (ass to grass) 3 sets of 8-10

Deadlifts 3 sets of 8-10

Walking lunges 3 sets of 20 steps

Leg extensions 3 sets of 8-10

Leg curls 3 sets of 8-10

For ABS,… I don’t do any direct ab work like sit ups. Deadlifts and Pull ups really work abs the best IMO. And NO CARDIO!

I started yoga recently, but it was too much for my body at that time, so I had to choose between the two and yoga is on hold for some time.

Staying on the topic, despite all those years of lifting, gaining 10 kilos during my recovery, reaching the healthy BMI, I’ve always stayed on the skinnier side – the usual excuse has been  “oh, I come from the family of ballet dancers!”

But that’s all BULSHIT! I know how I look! Putting on some more weight would not hurt.

The THING is in my head.

And no matter how strong I am to punch. The damn THING seems viable.

A little. But still…

I did no workouts last week. And I may skip this one too. I know how important is not to sit on ones ass, but I treasure my recovery more. For now.

Meanwhile. Enjoying some winter treats. Zucchini. cukinijos-parmezanas1Plus Parmesan cheese, some olive oil, and salt and lemon juice.cukinijos-parmezanasDivine.cukinijos-parmezanas2

Ok this post is all over, so I’m glad that you are still reading. Wishing you a glamorous week based on cinema, good food and fashion magazines… ok, some workouts are welcome as well. A kiss to all of you!