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I flip through numerous magazines. Browse hundreds of blogs. Behold thoroughly while walking down the streets of my city. And then I take notes on a little pink notebook. Cues, ideas and remarks. Everything I like. Everything I’ll never give up – thoughts of fashion, beauty and femininity and… the eating disorder – that one I’d treat for anything in the world.

My notebook carries tales of me. The ones I want to share with you. Here.

tumblr_lz6okqFkcB1qkc77zo1_500_largeLast time it said Pictures! And I remembered to take them for my WIAW posts. Also knowing that someone will be seeing my plates, I wasn’t lazy to bring my best camera out and to arrange the whole sets to shoot those!! Yeah! Now you can call me an “artist” 🙂 And please don’t misjudge the iPhone ones – I was so hungry at that moment – I left no time for my food to pose.

wiaw what i ate wednesday button happy healthy holidaysBrunch: Yay eggs! Turkey! Greens and, reds and, the Parmigiano!kiausinisLunch: Ok, this was in the café. I was mortified taking that picture of my food!! I did it as fast as I could! But man, the place was crowded and it felt like:tumblr_lx1k2wqbsP1qcri28o1_500 128770703412583726Gosh, I wish I were!

After all I finished that delicious salmon in ten minutes and raced out of there as if the place was on fire.

Dinner: cooking these,5447466544_3f522e6f0d_zadding some greens, celery, some caper, olives, onions and garlic, Feta cheese drizzling it with olive oil and lemon juice and Voilà– the perfect salad.4439594111_3198fa50ec_oPlus the indulgence before bed: Wasa bread, cream cheese, Parmigiano (I dream of Italy as I type), onion, avocado, shrimp! The Bomb!:)

I should have eaten one! Oh, but well, my bf sad “No, thank you!” Traitor! And I couldn’t just throw them away. Had them all. No guilt!img_1449Mission accomplished! And NO, I had no fruit yesterday!

So if you are hungry, please go eat, but if you’re not I have some questions to you:

Do you keep a notebook for your thoughts?

Do you still handwrite?

Do you take (have ever taken) picture of your food publically? Your experiences?

It’s Wednesday! I can smell the weekend!