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I don’t care if I’m leaving for a trip of few hours or for more than two weeks; I can’t leave home without the iPod and a couple of great books (other than a denim micro shorts, an oversize tee, flats, a blazer for the coldest evenings, super-high heeled shoes and a sparkling clutch). Therefore, besides writing unconvincing must-take-lists, things to put in the luggage, notes for details to be urgently done; at the moment I’d gladly update the playlist for my travels and the words which will keep me company during the long flights to some far countries. I’m desperately looking for some happiness songs; like the ones you sing making coffee, to add to my timeless list (I mean like Where the Streets Have no Name by U2 or Too Much Love will Kill You by Queen). And maybe some books which succeed in taking me out the “Fifty Shade’s tunnel” I’ve been sucked in (in spite of my age), making me dream, like a romantic and causing to forget the “artificial” dinner of the flight. I will be waiting for your precious suggestions, loves!85005511686300007kFZrHFl7c79446380896061143miQC7IMCcpicture 016

tumblr_mcnzzmf93g1rruz0go1_500Meanwhile I want to share my latest culinary Masterpiece – Chocolate Truffles!! picture 022(The recipe is from here). And if you will be making them the mantra – Portion Control – will be handy – they are so yummy!picture 020

Wish you a great day!


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