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Bed_thumb[3]I open my eyes lazily. It’s 6.00 am. Still dark outside. I roll over and drown my face in the soft pillow trying to drowse a little longer, a little more. It’s Monday. No gym. Works starts at 10. I should be sleeping.  At 6:15 I push myself out of the peony print duvets. Look for my pink and white stripe trousers. The middle finger pushes the button to crack the blind. A whirl of light floods the 18 square meters of my kitchen. I head for Nespresso coffee machine. Tic. On click. Hopping through tv channels: CNN, weather forecast, fashion network. Pick MTV. Mute key. This morning I do not want to hear anything. Vivalto Lungo – blue capsules,  Decafeinato – red, Arpeggio – the violet ones are for strong coffee with the notes of cocoa and woody hints and my favorite black capsules represent pure Esspresso. I’ve never thought that freedom of choice implies, actually, such an unbelievable waste of time. This morning I choose violet, which matches my pajamas. No sugar. No milk. A dash of cinnamon in it. I curl up in my wool blanket and open up my laptop. I have a meeting this morning. Just like every day. With You. Here.

The sun rises.

SONY DSCDSC046511Xk9uo3i2MUCDhHTlHt6LdQ2148829962655242302Vvgghxrgctumblr_m0hchfzaaj1r9p6uro1_500How does your morning start?

Have a happy Monday and an amazing week, loves!


Images via:(Tumblr – LittlePlasticHorses – Wehearit)