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99tumblr_me5pp8Emzs1rzx3umo1_1280Snow, snow and more snow. Grey clouds and bitter frost. The will of spending days on the couch with a blanket and a movie. Still, I bury myself in a humongous scarf, warm hat and trusty UGGs and drive to work.

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The traffic is sluggish and seems endless. Snow makes life slow. Winter makes me drowsy and less productive. I have no appetite these days. Ignoring that I push myself to eat. Still learning how to taste everything. To be well for to see the heaps of snow melt, the flowers bloom and birds return to my backyard. To be well for the next year’s winter and fall in the melancholic mood of it again.

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My WIAW pictures — so boring. Though anyways, the things I ate while snowing.

First meal: (still don’t know how to call it, because it’s neither breakfast nor lunch) Fruit and yogurt.


 Lunch in the café.


Snack: these are my favorites at the moment. Rice Cake pizzas. Topics vary every day.

picture 012picture 017

Dinner: the usual quick meal when I’m lazy to cook. Chicken + Salad. Dressing is always some kind of oil + lemon juice.

picture 021

picture 023

Dessert: decaf coffee and homemade chocolate truffles (I actually had two). Plus some reads.

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Oh, winter! I hope you are enjoying yours?!

Have a cozy coffee break, my beloved readers!